I had so much fun being interviewed by Mimika Cooney and her You Tube Channel.
We talked hot dogs vs fine dining in person at the London UK SWPP photography convention.


  • Confidence is key
  • You determine your own worth
  • If you’re not charging enough you may as well be a waiter!
  • Pricing and structuring your business is so crucial
  • If you’re not making money you’re targeting the wrong market
  • Don’t run your business like a home industry do the research
  • Letting go of the wrong clients should not be emotional its a business
  • You can’t make a decent business targeting the low end of the market
  • Hot dogs vs fine dining is finding the higher market for where you are at now not necessarily the super rich
  • Ask yourself what do people see when they look at me and my brand?
  • Don’t put work out there that you think the market wants to see but work you like
  • Shoot for yourself!