On Saturday 8 September Marijke and Geert married each other during an intimate ceremony at the quaint beach venue, Rapa Nuì.  It was a day filled with emotion, Geert was crying most of the day, either from laughing or sentiment, so easy to photograph.  Marijke looked absolutely radiant and good fun was had by all.   This was the second wedding that I have shot with the Nikon Z mirror-less system and really enjoyed it.  The camera is very light and small, but has the Nikon DNA you would expect.  The menu and user experience is very similar to the SLR system, so the transition was very easy.  I used the FTZ adapter to be able to use all of my Nikkor F-mount lenses which was fantastic.  I did use the Z series 35mm 1.8 which was really sharp. Regarding image quality, I found the files to be very similar to the D850, however the auto focus in low light was incredible (better than the D850 – which is pretty good).  The EFV was really bright without much lag.  During the ceremony, the videographer’s camera ran out of battery and I quickly switched to movie mode to record the little flower girl’s speech, whilst the videographer changed batteries.  I don’t usually shoot video, but it was pretty easy, although I would recommend an external mic. Regarding the elephant in the room, I don’t have a problem with the one card slot situation.  When I shoot a wedding I use the second slot as overflow, not backup.  I use the Lexar 128g XQD cards and have never had one fail on me.  I started my photography career shooting film, so don’t review much and take care of the cards that I remove from the camera.  Treat them like film.   If you would like to know more about my experience, please pop a question into the comments and I will answer all sensible questions.  I didn’t make the camera, I just tested it.   If you would like to know if I am going Mirror-less, in a word  – No, I really enjoy my D5 and D850 combo although the Z6 seems tempting as a quick run around or if I wanted to shoot a bit of video.  I think it would be amazing for someone looking for a small lightweight full frame solution.


This image was lit with a Rotolight Neo ii set to tungsten above Marijke . The light catching her check is from the slit in the window.  Really low light  Whilst the girls were getting ready, the guys were enjoying a boat trip around Haarlem – He doesn’t really look nervous now, does he? First looks are always special, Geert and Marijke hosted a few people at their home before the ceremony.  Nice idea  How cool is this car? 


  A Dutch tradition, I’m told 




What an incredible wedding!!  Congratulations and enjoy your South African Honeymoon!