Studio and Off Camera Flash Workshop | Low Light Combo Deal | Less 20%


Join me for this Artificial Lighting Workshop, and portfolio-building opportunity. We will start off the day in studio with both strobe and continuous lighting. I will then take you meticulously through the ins and outs of shooting with portable battery powered strobes, which allows for studio-quality lighting whilst on location. We will shoot three different looks with great models, giving you a variety of options to capture amazing photographs for your portfolio. If you want to learn how to shoot impactful images in any lighting situation, then this workshop is exactly what you have been waiting for! We will be using the latest Elinchrom strobes and new Elinchrom ELB500 with the HS flash heads, enabling us to shoot at shutterspeeds of up to 1/8000s. For the continuous lighting side of things, we will be using the incredible Vibesta products. This workshop is perfect for the photographers wanting to broaden their horizons by adding being able to shoot with artificial light to their arsenal of expertise Enroll now for a day of enlightening photography!

During this practical workshop I will share with you my experiences in creating high impact after-dark images. These effective techniques will set you apart from the mundane and add an interesting dimension to your photography. Whether you shoot weddings, portraits or fashion, this workshop will open your eyes to new options and methods that will enhance your photographic ability and extend you beyond your comfort zone.

The cost of this combo is R4800  and includes all meals – if it is showing a random price it’s because you are on your computer at work and have location settings switched off. Your best bet is to then pay by bank transfer. Thanks – Brett