I have know Zac and Anneline for about three years and really admire their love and commitment for each other.  Zac contacted me a while ago to ask me to photograph him proposing to Anneline.  Anneline is very perceptive and keeping this a secret was Zac’s greatest challenge.  I wont go into too many details, but basically I was hiding in the bushes with my telephoto lens when the biggest moment in both their lives played out in from of my lens.  I am not sure who’s heart was beating faster, Zac’s or mine.  You need to nail shoots like this one. Zac took his time, he had given Anneline a photobook of the history of their relationship and she wasn’t skimming through it!!  Eventually ther moment arrived and he dropped to his knee and asked him to be his wife, Anneline never saw it coming and was overcome with emotion!  She said yes!!  What a cool moment.  Congrats guys, I wish you all the best with married life!