I recently had the pleasure of presenting a Hi-Sync workshop to fifteen photographers in Amsterdam.  It was hosted by FotoFlits, the Netherlands distributor of Elinchrom products.  The day started off with a theory lecture at The Tolhuis, a fantastic space a ferry ride across from Amsterdam‘s iconic Central Station. We then quickly moved into photographing the four models that I had arranged.  When arranging workshops, I make sure that there is a good ratio of photographers to models, this ensures that photographers are shooting as much as they can.  That’s how you learn, right?

The Elinchrom ELB400 can be used both indoors in a studio environment or outdoors on location, giving you portable studio quality lighting anywhere. We started off doing a few head shots with soft lighting shooting wide open at either f1.4 or f2.8.  Moving then onto balancing the ambient lighting conditions with the ELB400 as a fill in light.  Lastly we ended off overpowering the ambient light with the strobes using a combination of high shutter speeds and low ISO.  It was a great day exploring the capabilities of the gear and practicing techniques that you read about but don’t always get around to implementing.  Keep an eye out on my Workshops page to see when the next opportunity for you to join me will take place.  I travel the world holding workshops on various topics and don’t always know where there is demand for my teachings.  If you would like to facilitate such workshops in your country, please contact me on info@brettflorens.co.uk



Playing with different coloured gels to create different moods