On 13 April Byron and Sam married each other at one of the most incredible locations I have worked at.  I have shot many weddings at the Cathedral Peak Hotel in the heart of the South African Drakensberg.  This one was special for many reasons, it was my 1000th wedding and for the first time, I was photographing the wedding of the son of a client who’s wedding I photographed.  It was a weekend of retrospection and satisfaction.  I am so happy to have had such a rewarding career and to have been involved in the nuptials of 2000 people. Very cool.

Sam started her day with a ride with Shogun to get her head in the game!

Whilst Byron was on his bike !!

One of the most beautiful chapels in the world

Two weddings in one shot – William and Belinda look on as Byron is about to say his vows

Starting a band baby – Starting a band! Congratulations to you and your families, I wish you many years of love and happiness!