I have been really active during November with lots of travel and training. It started off with a great weekend in Helsinki.  What a great city with really interesting people.  I ate food that I have never experienced before and had some deep conversations with people I would’ve thought had nothing in common with me.  Thanks so much to Kai from Color Kolmio for facilitating a weekend full of memories.


Then it was off to the Photo and Film Expo in Johannesburg for 4 days of everything Photographic.  It was a great honor and very unexpected surprise to receive a lifetime achievement award for my contribution to the photographic industry in Africa.  Thank you so much to Admired in Africa for the recognition.


The night life in Jozie is great and I always take the opportunity to run a course on shooting in Low Light during my time there.




After the expo I headed to Memoire in Kromdraai for a 3 day wedding photography retreat.  Wow!!  What a great bunch of people from all over the continent! We really conected and once again I had a few conversations which involved some introspection that was unexpected but very welcome.





Working with the lovely Shelbe, a Miss South Africa finalist was an absolute treat, she was very patient with the delegates and helped them create some amazing imagery.




Reflecting ambient light into Shelbe with the California Sunbounce Sun Mover



The second day of the workshop was the shoot day with make-up by Cara and gorgeous wedding gowns by Enzoani.  We were introduced to the very funny Lezinka who was an additional model for us to photograph.





The floral genius who put together this amazing creation was Candace from Absolute Perfection.  Candace, you are really talented!





Sometimes you have to go to great lengths to get the shot!





A lovely BTS shot of the guys working the Rotolights.



I had amazing feedback from the delegates with a particularly touching mail from Liz

There are not many moments where I can say that someone has been instrumental and extremely influential in my business strategy, but Brett Florens is one of those people that has greatly influenced me. Brett Florens’ Wedding course has not only changed my life, but it has changed the way I perceive life and business. To change the way you think isn’t easy – for me, it’s a complete rewiring of one’s beliefs and judgements in order to create ones that are stronger, and then following through on it (action). Brett makes that rewiring easy. Brett engages fully and immerses himself into each student; he gets to know each student’s ticks, and teaches them on their ticks, so that they can absorb all the business and creative principles with comfort and ease. He makes use of the existing strengths of each student. His deep commitment and involvement is ever present, as he gives student and supplier alike, detailed attention. It is easy to believe (and act on those beliefs), that my wedding business can be successful, abundant and flowing, when Brett has provided all the tools and skills to create a successful business. And the best part is, his involvement does not stop the moment the course finishes. He engages afterwards to ensure that each student receives support after all the skills have been absorbed. He gives a photographer the best opportunity to succeed.”


Durban was my next stop with an Engagement workshop facilitated by Colour Chrome.  Monique and Calvin were our models for the day and all delegates really enjoyed their chemistry and willingness to help. Make-up was by the super cool Charelle McAllister.  Thanks to everyone for making the day what it was.













This past weekend found me in the Netherlands speaking at Fotografie in Beeld.  What a cool space and wonderful initiative by the good folk at Foto Flits


I am taking this weekend off to watch the Boks take on Wales in Cardiff.  What a month!!