For a number of years, I have been shooting more in Europe and the UK and have been looking for areas in which to grow my business. I noticed that, unlike South Africa where sport is very much integrated into school, in Europe children’s sporting activity is primarily club oriented. After some research into the market, I realised that there is a great opportunity to expand into this area and together with an Australian photographer David Currie, who lives in Amsterdam, I have started Mijn Team Foto. We photograph any team, any sport, at any age. The resultant images are dynamic and unique. The process is very efficient and the participants really seem to enjoy the experience. With David and I both being sports enthusiasts, we are committed to giving back to sport by sponsoring the clubs with 10% of the profit made by Mijn Team Foto. We operate anywhere in Europe, as well as in the UK. Would you like to give your team a memorable keepsake for 2016? For more information please visit

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