It is so rewarding for me to get such great feedback from participants of my workshops.  Here are a few I received from last month’s time in Gauteng.


Having waited a number of years to do this workshop, I can truly say it was well worth waiting for.

I feel that I owe it to any photographer who wants to really excel in their art, to tell them about this course. There were plenty of other photography workshops I could have attended, also at cheaper prices, yet having heard Brett speak before, and having seen the quality of his work, I knew that there weren’t any others in the same class as his.

I was blown away by the wealth of information that Brett shared with us. He left us all with much to think about and gave us the tools to be able to practically implement necessary changes in our workflow and business strategy in order to succeed.

The sessions in the afternoons were a fantastic opportunity to both watch and learn, but then to try out these techniques. We were spoilt with three models to shoot, covering the “engagement” and a full “wedding”. Brett mentored each person with plenty of one-on-one time, giving constructive critique and tips.

I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable and enlightening workshops that I’ve ever been on. Brett’s humour and warmth made it really easy to listen and engage.

Why should a photographer book this workshop? I didn’t just walk away with some added knowledge, I walked away with everything I needed to take my business to the next level. For that, I will always be glad that I made this investment. – Sarah Webb












Sitting working through my images from the workshop… it just started to really sink in what great models we had, great flowers, a great make-up artist, and above all, what a great workshop it was. I fell in love with the Nikon 85mm … thank you for allowing me to shoot with your f1.4 lens Brett!

You warned us about possibly hitting a low, after the high of the hype of the workshop. Being the analytical, quiet, calculating individual that I am… I too was busy assessing and analysing and observing, whilst learning…. so the workshop itself, for me personally, did not manifest into some delusional, hyped-up high… the high for me is now quietly sitting working through the images, seeing what I got wrong, and what I did right, and digesting the immense amount that we learnt in a very short space of time, and assessing how I can implement this in accordance with my own character and strengths. And it’s not actually even a high… it’s more a sense of confidence and belief in oneself and one’s own ability and potential to produce work of a truly high standard, that can hold its own in this industry… and that sense of confidence comes through being empowered. Thank you Brett Florens – Brett Stanley








Being really passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the best at it, it just means that there is a common denominator towards the same topic of interest between a lot of different people sharing common goals.

This common denominator, “passion”, is what got a bunch of strangers together for three days during this Wedding Photography Workshop presented by Brett – and in the end, leaving as friends.

A passionate photographer wanting to share his knowledge with others and willing learners wanting to soak up as much information as we could about something we are passionate about, made this an exceptional and valuable experience for myself, and I believe the other attendees as well.

Wanting to be able to present my clients with a better product, was what lead me to the workshop in the first place – in the end I got the tools to do that AND so much more from those 3 days.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with the same passion for wedding photography.  Not only did we cover wedding photography, but also all the different aspects of running a successful business.

Being a teacher myself, I can testify that Brett’s enthusiasm surely rubs off and his involvement and encouragement along the way, and after, is reflective of a great nature, making him a wonderful teacher, caring about the future of the people that valued his opinion. – Anneli Young


Adam and Kate engagement-446-PSedit







Thank you so much to my incredible sponsors and contributors for making this workshop a fantastic success.


Memoire Wedding Venue – Jaco
Flowers Zavion Kotze
Hair and make-up Cara McRae
Wedding Dresses – Enzoani
Models – Kate and her Husband Adam. 
Our second bride Tasneem