When it comes to my target market, Zahirah and Andrew are my perfect clients. They are both super stylish, successful and one of their main priorities for their wedding is to have the most incredible photographs of their special day. To this end, they are not afraid to put a big part of their budget into this area. Zahirah, from Durban, South Africa is a Television personality, running her own brand management business and Andrew, from Melbourne, Australia is a camel vet! Yes you read that correctly, a camel vet – a much needed profession in Dubai, where the couple have now settled.

A few weeks ago I photographed their engagement session in their new hometown. Firstly, I created mood boards for the shoot, finding images that I felt best represented their lives in this UAE haven. The first chapter was a beach shoot indicative of the relaxed beach lifestyle that were such a big part of their lives back in both of their native cities, as well as a favourite present pastime when the months are a bit cooler. For the second chapter we ventured out on a private charter yacht. Here we shot some glamorous ”nautical” images out at sea.  Zahirah is often invited to, or is involved in the hosting of prestigious and dazzling events. The third scene epitomizes the more lavish lifestyle of Dubai. Both Zahirah and Andrew agreed that the final chapter would be representative of the typical evenings in Dubai and their love of this vibrant nightlife. We shot at the amazing Almaz by Momo restaurant in the Jeremiah Beach Residence area and created uber-stylish images inspired by brands such as Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and Chanel. I am very happy with the outcome of this engagement shoot and think that the effort was well worth it. Zahirah and Andrew will be married on March 25th and I’m really looking forward to creating some great images for them. PS – their “Post-Wedding” shoot will feature several camels!